Villasenor Latinx Scholarship

Scholarship Information:

Bella Soul’s Villasenor Scholarship Application: Due July 30, 2017 by 11:59pm

Requirements for Scholarship: must be a Hispanic or Latino college student living with a physical ailment, physical disease, and/or physical disability. Must be enrolled as full/part time student, and must not be on academic probation.—email proof of enrollment to Bella Soul (does not need to be a transcript; scholarship is not based on GPA but will be taken into account)
This scholarship is $500!

Fill Out Template:






1. Describe how your disease/disorder has impacted being enrolled in a University.

2. Describe how your disease/disorder has impacted your social life at the University.

3. Describe how your disease/disorder has impacted your ability to volunteer at events or participate in organizations.
Please write a 3 page double spaced story about the triumphs and struggles of living with a disease/disorder. Include answers to the following questions: What advice would you tell someone who is struggling with the same disease/disorder? What are some techniques that help you to move forward and lead a healthy life mentally and physically?