Luke G Neurological Scholarship

Scholarship Information:

Fill out this template and send to livebellasoul@gmail.com:

Bella Soul Neurological Disorder Application: Due December 31st, 2017 by 11:59pm

Requirements for Scholarship: must be a college student living with a neurological disorder. Must be enrolled as full time student. The limitations are not bound by state or university in which the individual attends. —please email proof of enrollment to Bella Soul (does not need to be a transcript; scholarship is not based on GPA but will be taken into account)


Date of Birth:




Neurological Disease/Disorder:


In order to apply, please write a 3-page double spaced essay about the triumphs and struggles of living with a neurological disease/disorder. Give examples of how your disease/disorder has impacted your education, your social life, and how you have learned from these challenges. Also include, what advice you would tell someone who is struggling with the same neurological