Megan Allen


A Different Kind of Theatrics
Hello, my name is Megan Allen. I am thirty years old and have Cerebral Palsy. I am pretty average. I like to hang out with family and friends, watch television, and listen to music.

I received a wonderful education throughout my life. Problems did not arise until I began college. I graduated from high school in 2005. I was accepted into a near by college the following spring. I could not wait to move away from home. I was just like any other young adult. I wanted freedom. My first semester went well. I had some friends on campus and I made good grades in my classes. The next semester was when my disability became an issue.

Problems arose everyday with one thing or another for the following two semesters. I am not able to do much physically due to my disability. Some of the people that were hired to assist me would not help write my assignments.The coursework was one of the many issues.

I also did not have reliable assistance for my daily needs. I was left in bed for eighteen hours straight without any assistance or anyone checking on me. A tornado was near another time while I was in bed and no one helped me once again. My parents even had to drive two hours to take me grocery shopping because the assistants weren’t “allowed”. These are some examples of what occurred. It got so bad that in the fall of 2008 I had to drop out of college for the first time.

I became very, very depressed for the next two years. I did not realize this but my family and friends took notice. Finally, I had enough and decided to pursue obtaining an associates degree. I received my associates degree in 2011. My parents are in their seventies and helped me pay for this tuition.

During that time I became passionate about theatre. Theatre allows a person to enter an entirely different world and escape reality for a small amount of time. I also found out that I was able to complete many of the tasks one needed to accomplish with one’s mind. I had taken a theatre class earlier in my college career but never thought that I could be successful in that field. I was accepted into another college and took classes for a year and a half as a theatre major. Due to lack of funds, I had to drop out of college again three years ago. I have tried to find and receive financial assistance from multiple sources without any success.

People have called me an inspiration for many reasons. I do not think of myself that way. I live my life like anyone else does. Some advice I can give to others in my situation would be no matter how many times a person gets defeated there is always something better to come. I am surrounded by family and a wonderful theatre community. They help me stay mentally healthy as well as seeing humor in all types of situations. I think it not only helps me but people around me.

I try not to physically depend on equipment for my everyday needs. I use my muscles whenever possible. My life is very active. I am usually involved in some sort of theatre project or production at all times. I do not like having nothing to do.



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