Sarah Dudley

On April 18, 2008, my life took an unexpected turn. I was 19 years old and was involved in many sports, particularly soccer. While I

Victoria Dzorka

In my relatively brief life of twenty-five years, I have been confronted with a series of events that have shaped me into a resilient individual.

Megan Allen

  A Different Kind of Theatrics Hello, my name is Megan Allen. I am thirty years old and have Cerebral Palsy. I am pretty average.

Rachel Triay

Living with trigeminal neuralgia has been one of the biggest hardships for me in my life, while also granting me blessings. Trigeminal neuralgia, the most

Garret Kawa

My Fight for Independence During my first year of college at the University of Cincinnati Transition Access Program I was faced with many challenges that

Shelby Marler

The sun was high in the sky and beating down on my back like any normal day in summer, my brothers, cousin and I were

Kathleen Downes

  Living with cerebral palsy is an adventure. My black sparkly power wheelchair and I have seen it all together. Society often says that a

Victoria Goodman

During the month of February in 2013 I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. I was sixteen years old, a junior in high school, and scared

Jeremy Razo

I came into the world as a premature baby of seven months. Doctors told my mother the odds of my survival were slim, as my

Nikita Ussin

Living with any medical condition is a test of both faith and endurance.  Depending on the condition, life can be a daily obstacle.  However, it